Shanghai Mahjong App Reviews

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Oh yeah!

Im addicted to this app! Its great!


???? Is it that I pay my $$$ &download this game that Ive read SO MANY WONDERFUL things about & THANK GOD that I did NOT back up this I.Pod "KILLER" BECAUSE,,,MY I.POD & I were "Corrupted" (& NOT in a way THAT puts a smile on your face & u tell your grandkids about)anyway back to my KVETCHING & WHINING! Once I could understand...but 2x??--AND have it happening to others?? Def NOT NICE!! Our RATING ((DRUM ROLL PLEASE)) 5 STARS for a TRULY DISAPPOINTING APP!!!•••• 0 stars for an Amusement Value APP!! [THE UNHAPPY GAMERS]


well this game is awsome fun and it makes time go by supper fast which is alwYs good so no matter what this is am all around great game it has good graphics and so many different modes to play on!

Not Worth The Money

This app was very disappointing, especially for the cost. Worst $5 I ever spent. It has plenty of pretty tiles, backgrounds and layouts but the actual game play is awful. After removing only a few pairs of tiles you are constantly having to shuffle remaining tiles in hopes of getting a couple more matches. I would not recommend this for anyone who actually likes solving Mah Jong puzzles.

Shanghai Mahjong

There are numerous possibilities for tile layout. Unfortunately the program frequently shutsdown when you attempt to change the tile layout. The shuffle function on the tile layout does not work. The sayings when you finish a set are cute and amusing.

Vastly Improved

Having played version 1.2 for a few days now, I can say that every major complaint I had about this app has been addressed. Its gone from a barely tolerable experience to just about what I could wish for. Ive gone from playing in "how few shuffles to finish" mode to winning a reasonable number of layouts without shuffling (about what I can do on other similar programs). Kudos, and thanks for the update!

Greatly improved

Wow, although it took a long time to release, the latest update solved a lot of the problems/issues I and others were having. Much much much better!!

Addictive on iPad

Having played moonlight mahjong for a while I lost interest on the iPhone. On the iPad with all that real estate... Im totally addicted again. Someone help me get this off my iPad, I have no life. Great App.


This is the best Mahjong app that Ive found and it works awesome for both iPad and iPhone. It looks great and the sound effects are wonderfully understated. For this price, it should be a no brainer to anyone who enjoys a relaxing game of Mahjong.

Great but needs to save score

Please add functionality to save high scores, best times, # of wins etc.. It NEEDS this plz plz plz lol :P if you do this then 5 stars

Great game

The only thing missing, is a top 10 high score.

Really hard

You HAVE to add a pinch to zoom function because this is impossible on the iPhone or iPod


Great app. Literally hours of fun.

Great game

Great value for the money. Nice sound effects, clean play style, etc. They also give you extra backgrounds to Download. My only two wishes for a future update would be: a randomizer to give you a new background every game from the ones you have installed, and even more backgrounds to choose from in the free downloadable section. I like the Asian themed backgrounds for this kind of game and there were only a couple. Otherwise though, fantastic game!

Works Great and Good value

Just picked this up and what a blast its been. downlaodable tiles, backgrounds. what more could you ask for a dollar. get it now.


I greatly enjoy this game on the iPad. The graphics are very sharp and easy to discern the various tiles from each other. You can download a broad variety of alternate tile sets, and many of them are very attractive ( my favorite is the set of old travel posters ). You can also download a variety of backgrounds. I recommend this game highly.


Well worth the price for all the variety and options that are included. Tons of different board layouts that Im still trying to play through (had game for over 4 months).


Oodles of variety of layouts and tiles with endless combinations available to customize. Easy to see on the retina display -- no need to constantly zoom in and out as with other mahjong apps. The pithy, sarcastic fortune cookie messages at the end of each game are hilarious and a nice touch. My only quibble, and it is a minor one, is that it shuffled the tiles a bit better. Quite often the same tiles are adjacent to each other or bunched within the same area of the layout.

Calming, restful entertainment

Works for all ages. I try to lower my times. meanwhile my 80 plus yr old mom enjoys the challenge of pair matching. This is the very first "computer" style game shes ever tried. (weve been trying for years to get her on any computer! She enjoys it enough to have learnt how to use the basic iPad functions! Thanks

Very Funny :)

I play the games just to get to the fortune cookies. Theyre hilarious.

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